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Today’s typical smartphone user considers the quality of the camera (smartphone photography) to be one of the key decisions when choosing a new handset. According to various studies, it ranks third behind 4G/5G and reliability as the most important feature. So, naturally, advancements in this area have seen more and more camera hardware being added to a single handset to drive market adoption. This in turn has driven the cost of the product up and, therefore, the consumer cost up or margins down.

So, how does the mid-tier market compete with this demand for better smartphone photography?


The camera, or cameras, are the most expensive component on a smartphone, so for mid-tier offerings, adding more camera hardware is only going to reduce margin in an already high volume/low margin market.

Using software to combat the need for additional cameras is clearly the answer, but the additional processing power could have a negative impact on battery performance, which is another key factor in buying decisions.

Adopting Digital Signal Processing (DSP) which can improve or is comparable to current smartphone photography – without a major hit on battery performance -would reduce product costs and increase margin whilst giving the consumer what they desire.


Sparca Aura bio-inspired mixed signal processing offers both high quality imaging with no loss of data or manipulation, whilst maintaining the lowest possible power consumption. Sparca Aura is now available through the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program at Qualcomm. Available chip-sets and specifications to be announced late 2021.

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