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The ophthalmic industry has long been behind the curve ball when it comes to the adoption of technology. In a very traditional industry that still uses paper cards to grade the condition of the ocular surface (eye), this is still the standard, even in 2021! This method leads to inter-clinician variability or the phrase “get a second opinion” and that is all it currently is…an opinion, all be it an expert one.

Preventable sight loss has doubled in the UK and is projected to double again over the coming years. Factors include an ageing population, increased exposure to pollutions and the huge uplift in screen-time, which have all seen significant increases in the last 10 yrs.

How does an industry make a subjective analysis objective, whilst handling the increasing demand for eye health services on top of the frames/contact lens service they already supply?


Being able to conduct an eye health check both in and out of office in an accurate objective manner and securely transmitting the data between clients or stores and managing that data will decrease unnecessary follow ups and increase valuable chair time.

With less than 5% of opticians in the UK having digital imaging equipment and the price of entry so steep, adopting smartphone photography is key to leveraging proven technology and moving the industry forward.


AOS, a Sparca brand, has recently released the latest version of its Anterior segment product, AOS v3. This platform has currently 4 main modes – 3 modes for objective ocular surface analysis and one for an encrypted telemedicine portal to enable direct communication with a clinician’s patients. The addition of 2x mobile apps, 1x patient app for secure patient imaging and transfer back to their clinician and 1x clinician app to enable digital imaging to take place in practice. AOS v3 ocular surface analysis is the gold standard, achieving +95% repeatability and accuracy in multiple independent studies

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