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This is Sparca!

Trying to sum up ‘company culture’ is like raking fog.
Unless you are part of Boy George’s backing group, or starting a placement at the British Museum, or an organic yoghurt, you’re unlikely to be knocked for six by anybody’s culture.

says that they have a flat structure, an open door policy, dress down Fridays and free dentistry. It’s not big, clever or even interesting. It’s barely worth wasting the pixels in this paragraph.

wants to tell you that a few bean bags and a table tennis table are all it takes for you to exchange valuable hours your one life on this earth for a few extra shekels.

Every business
in the land wants to tell you how their culture is unique; ironically, just like everybody else does.

So what do we stand for?
What makes us think we have any kind of culture at all?


Rewarding success

Inclusive friendly team

Career growth encouraged

Company away days & team building

Generous holiday allowance

Competitive salaries

That is Sparca.

That’s what interests us.
That is our culture.

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