Sparca is collaborating with Qualcomm®

Partnering to deliver the most advanced mobile imaging experience

Delivering enhanced image sharpness, clarity and vibrancy

Sparca has partnered with Qualcomm™ to provide ground-breaking technology that will enhance the image experience within mobile phones.

Designed to operate on the SoC system architecture, Sparca's digital algorithms Auras 01, 02 and 03 enhance the visual experience for still imagery by enriching sharpness with increased clarity, contrast, and focus. Our technology takes the image experience within mobile phones beyond their native capability.

Integrated within the Snapdragon™ chipsets, our Aura™ algorithms deliver these enhancements with minimal processing power, battery consumption and impact on thermal efficiency.

Sparca technology offers a competitive advantage to OEM mobile phone suppliers looking to provide an equivalent image experience to phones with more advanced camera and sensor components.

Explore Aura's capabilities

Our Aura's deliver superior performance,
Increase fluidity and low latency.

Image two
Image one

Integrating with
Sparca technology

Our Sparca Auras integrate directly into the SoC system architecture

Our technology delivers fast response times, low latency and superior performance

Sparca Auras use minimal processing power and thus maintain long battery life

Our embedded technology maximizes thermal efficiency


Chip performance with integrated of Sparca Auras

Snapdragon™cDSP Inference Time*
Sparca Aura™ 01 Colour Enhancement19ms
Sparca Aura™ 02 Smart Contrast16ms
Sparca Aura™ 03 Low Light15ms
* Running at 787MHz DSP CLK
*** Table above showing inference times related to still 4K image processing.

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